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Picnic tables make it easy for groups of people to gather for casual outdoor entertaining. Commercial outdoor picnic tables are a staple of outdoor park settings; however they also prove to be a useful outdoor furnishing for commercial businesses with outdoor spaces. Commercial grade picnic tables typically feature a table surface with integrated bench seating. This offers patrons an all-in-one place to sit and set down personal items and food. Commercial grade picnic tables contribute to a relaxed dining atmosphere, and are a family friendly furnishing that adds instant seating that everyone can enjoy. These practical furnishings combine all-in-one table and seating for a versatile outdoor furnishing that functions as a place to dine and entertain. Bench seating makes it easy to accommodate large groups of people at once for a fun, informal dining experience. offers many picnic table models and commercial park benches that are commercially graded, and will contribute greatly to any contract or hospitality outdoor setting.

Commercial Picnic Table Styles and Customization Options offers a myriad of commercial grade picnic tables and commercial park benches that are ideal in both public park settings and commercial properties, including restaurants and even hospitality accounts. Our wide selection features heavy duty construction and top-quality materials that are specially engineered to withstand continued exposure to abrasive outdoor elements. They are also well-built to support substantial weight. Because of their utilitarian function, outdoor picnic tables and commercial park benches are constructed from durable materials that are engineered for rigorous outdoor use. Typical models display recycled plastic or steel construction, each displaying unique characteristics that are beneficial for commercial or public settings. Recycled plastic construction offers exceptional durability and aesthetic value. Recycled plastic is made to imitate the look of natural wood, with added waterproof and mildew resistant durability. Commercial picnic tables constructed from recycled plastic are available in a gamut of bright colors for a spirited outdoor look. Picnic tables constructed from steel display a sleek, streamlined aesthetic for a contemporary outdoor aesthetic. Many models that feature various seating arrangements are available at to accommodate any size space or group. Select from hexagonal, circular, and rectangular tabletops, and bench or individualized seating. There are many types and styles of commercial picnic tables for sale to complement any commercial outdoor space from park settings to business accounts.

Benefits Of Commercial Picnic Tables
Opting for a picnic table to furnish a commercial setting makes designing an outdoor living space a breeze. Commercial grade picnic tables fulfill versatile aesthetic and functional needs for any commercial property, whether in a public park, restaurant, or outdoor hospitality space. Because of their unique design that combines a table surface and seating, businesses do not have to search for separate seating and tables to fashion a cohesive outdoor look. These singular outdoor furnishings offer dual purpose for seating and table surface, and can fill vast, open floor spaces easily. The coordinated seating and table surface bring a cohesive look that achieves a relaxed atmosphere that many patrons find appealing. The design of picnic tables mean businesses won’t have to assemble separate table and seating together, which often proves more costly. Furnishing a commercial outdoor space with picnic tables makes for a well-designed outdoor dining space, without having to stress about seating arrangement or outdoor space design. Find stylishly crafted picnic tables engineered for commercial use on We offer the finest brands in the commercial outdoor furniture industry including POLYWOOD, Tropitone, and C.R. Plastic.

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