Commercial Outdoor Heaters

Commercial Outdoor Heaters

Learn More About Commercial Outdoor Heaters
Commercial patio heaters represent an innovative category in outdoor living, offering state-of-the-art technology that is both practical and aesthetically valuable to commercial restaurants and hospitality settings. Commercial patio heaters are an indispensible outdoor accessory that extends the use of outdoor recreational spaces during the cool, brisk months of autumn and winter. The arrival of dropping temperatures and shorter days typically signals the end of patio season, however, commercial patio heaters provide a safe radius of heat so patrons can enjoy the outdoors nearly all-year round. Commercial outdoor patio heaters can range in size from small and discrete, to large-scale models, each delivering top-quality performance with modern state-of-the-art functionalities that bring unrivaled comfort to commercial outdoor settings. Consequently, commercial outdoor heaters are constructed with high-grade specifications that ensure safety and top-quality performance, including cool-touch frame units, automatic stuff-off valves, safety tilt switches, and higher BTU power.

Commercial Outdoor Heater Models and Features
On, businesses can find a variety of outdoor commercial heaters. Outdoor heaters range from discrete mounted patio heaters that can be installed along a wall or ceiling, to stately standing post models which feature a sleek silhouette and upright profile. Commercial outdoor heaters on feature noteworthy power and consistent high performance, with safety features, including match-free ignition, oxygen depletion sensors, tip-over switches, and safety shut-off valves that are required in high-traffic commercial spaces. Other features such as directional heat radiation and bi-directional and easy-pivot arms ensure high-performance heating efficiency. Each heater unit has been rigorously tested for commercial use, and has met or exceeded performance standards in the United States and Canada.

Commercial Outdoor Heater Styles and Customization Options supplies a comprehensive inventory of top-of-the-line, commercial grade heaters to suit any commercial space or contract need. Many models feature sleek, streamlined designs and are crafted from durable, heat-resistant metals, including bronze and stainless steel for tough, industrial-strength performance. Some heating units are powered by electricity offering environmental benefits including zero emission production. Other models feature state-of-the-art infrared heat technology which directly heats objects instead of the surrounding air. Commercial infrared heaters prove more efficient than standard outdoor heater models. Standard models are either powered by natural gas or propane, and comprise the majority of outdoor heater models in the commercial outdoor furnishing market. Both types of fuels work to emit heat to the surrounding air. Outdoor heaters that are powered by natural gas will oftentimes require specialized installation to a fixed gas line. This means that natural gas heaters are permanent fixtures that cannot be easily moved. On the other end of the spectrum, propane powered heaters prove to be versatile heating devices that are portable, and can be transported and moved with ease. Propane powered heaters typically feature a sturdy carrier equipped with caster wheels which houses the propane tank.

Benefits Of Commercial Outdoor Heaters
Commercial outdoor heating appliances are an essential outdoor device, especially for businesses and hospitality spaces that are located in cooler climates. These heating apparatuses make it possible for restaurants, cafes, and hospitality spaces to extend the use of outdoor areas so patrons can lounge or dine outdoors despite cooler temperatures. These practical heating appliances effectively redistribute heat throughout a considerable area of outdoor space, bringing high-performance warmth that makes outdoor relaxation possible despite less than ideal temperatures. Restaurant patio heaters are specially engineered to balance top-quality performance and energy efficiency, offering the best in temperature control design and technology. Modern features such as pilot or electric ignition and automatic re-ignition provide much needed safety measures that are required in high traffic, commercial outdoor spaces.’s diverse selection of heating units are manufactured by the best brands in the commercial outdoor furnishing industry including reputable manufacturers such as Outdoor GreatRoom, Sunglo, Patio Comfort, and Bromic Heating.

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